AVTOREAL Production Association – car spare parts production

We are happy to welcome you at the official site of AVTOREAL production association, a large Russian producer of spare parts for Russian and foreign cars.

Our Company Products

диски тормозов

Brake Disks
Brake disks for VAZ, Daewoo, Chevrolet and other cars

тормозные барабаны

Brake Drums
Rear brake drums for VAZ, Daewoo, GAZ and other cars

тормозные колодки

Brake Pads
More than 10 modifications for VAZ and GAZ cars

ступицы колесные

Wheel Hubs
High-hardness compound steel, ideal machining

маятниковые рычаги

Idler Arms


Rubber-metal suspension arm joints

Spare Parts Production

Our company produces spare parts for famous Russian and foreign cars, such as VAZ, GAZ, Daewoo, Chevrolet and others. For this, we use two production shops equipped with the most modern machine-tools.

Spare parts are made in conformity with all standards by professional and experienced personnel.

Production Quality

Currently, AVTOREAL trade mark is a sign of high quality and reliability. Our reputation is important for us, and we are constantly working on improving the quality of all our products. All Russian car dealers recommend our brake disks and drums.