Brake Disks

PA Avtoreal produces several variants of the brake discs - from the classic solid, perforated and ventilated before. All products are high quality and reliability, as manufactured by the most modern equipment under the supervision of highly qualified professionals.

Classification brake disks by brand

(all models)
(Volga 3302)

Brake discs "Avtoreal" installed on new cars VAZ, as modified plant produces for brands GAS, Chevrolet, Daewoo.

стандартные тормозные диски

Standard Brake Disks

One-piece brake discs made ​​of cast iron, with increased cross-sectional area for maximum strength and reliability.
комплект дисков стандарт с коробкойдва диска стандарт переднего тормозаувеличенный вид диска стандарт
VAZ, GAZ 3302, Daewoo Nexia, Chevrolet Lanos


диски тормоза с вентиляцией

Ventilated Brake Disks

Have a special cavity between the two friction surfaces for rapid cooling, and better braking.
2110.2112 VAZ, GAZ 3302, DAEWOO Nexia, Chevrolet Lanos

 диски переднего тормоза евро

Brake Disks Euro

Made of cast iron, have special grooves on the rubbing surfaces to yield water and mud, as well as for removal of the temperature.
VAZ, Daewoo Nexia, Chevrolet Lanos

перфорированные тормозные диски

Perforated Brake Disks

Have a number of through holes in the working surfaces are free of gases between pads and working planes, the rapid withdrawal of mud, cooling.


The advantages of disk AVTOREAL

1 Uniform fit pads - regular wear!
2 The absence of beats - the wheel without vibration when braking!
3 Improved design - a margin of safety + 30%!
4 The safety of your car!

more about the advantages of disks "AVTOREAL"


Replacing brake pads

измерение толщины дискаEvery car has parts for a specific resource, after which it must be replaced.

The table below defines the recommended replacement time for the VAZ cars.

Model car The thickness of the disk
VAZ 2101-2107 (classic) 9,0 мм
VAZ 2108-21099 10,8 мм
VAZ 2121-21213 (Niva) 10,8 мм
VAZ 1111 «Ока» 8,0 мм
VAZ 2110-2112 18 мм


For detailed instructions on replacing the brake discs can be found here. If you are not sure that will cope with change itself, it is better to entrust this matter professianoalam.

Why professionals recommend "Avtoreal"

Brake discs "Avtoreal" high quality, as actual dimensions and parameters that affect performance, such as beating of the braking surfaces, their parallelism, or rather run in 2-2.5. This allows you to compensate for manufacturing errors of mating parts.

Disks "Avtoreal" made ​​of high quality castings delivered by certified suppliers.

They have a longer lifespan, as confirmed by the results of tests carried out in the U.S. and at "AvtoVAZ".

Designers are constantly improving our company are manufactured construction details.