Brake Drums

тормозной барабан алюминиевый тормозной барабан чугунный
Brake drum 2108
Applicable for:
VAZ 2108-21099; 2110-2112, 2113-2115
Brake drum  «Kalina»
Aplicable for:
VAZ 2108-21099; 2110-2112,2113-2115, 1117-1119,
21703, 21723, 21713.

AVTOREAL is the first Russian producer of rear brake drums made of cast iron.

Rear brake drums are made of cast iron. They are characterized by increased strength and very popular in Europe.

упрощенный тормозной барабан
All rear brake drums are balanced according to a technology which reduces the imbalance to zero. This technology is patented


чугунный тормозной барабан автореалAVTOREAL specialists have designed and developed cast-iron rear brake drum for VAZ Kalina cars. The design and manufacturing technology were passed to AvtoVAZ OAO specialists and implemented into the car manufacturing.


For effective braking we recommend to use also brake disks produced by our company.

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