Brake Disk Replacement

To feel safe on the road ensure that your car brake system is in order. It means the possibility of rapid deceleration and stopping without losing control.

It is important to regularly maintain the car brake system the main components of which are brake disks. Your car should only be serviced by professionals.

Important: You should change both brake disks simultaneously, and brake pads being critical safety elements should also be changed into the new ones. Brake disks must be changed according to the instruction. Otherwise, the Seller declines all responsibility.

Removing Old Brake Disks and Installing New Disks

1.  Ensure your car is set still on the ground, and then remove the wheel.


снимаем колесо, демонтируем старые колодки, снятие рамы

2. Disassemble the old brake pads and using special tools compress the piston so that to make space for the new pads. You should not use the old pads with the new disks so you should throw them away.

3. Remove the brake caliper and its fastening without dismantling the brake hose but do not let it hang on the hose. Remove the old brake disk.

4. Clean thoroughly the wheel hub surface of scores, rust and dirt using a brush and a proper alcohol solvent. Often, it is dirty hub surface that causes brake beating and vibration. The dirty hub and brake vibration caused by it is not considered a brake disk defect.

очистка ступицы, контроль люфта

5. Make sure to check the hub beating. You should do it using a special tool. The admissible beating is 0-0.1mm. If the beating exceeds this value you should stop replacing brake disks and fix the hub first.

6. Before installing the new disks remove thoroughly their conservative coating with a proper solvent. Install the disks.

отмывка тормозных дисков, установка

7. Before installing the wheel make sure to check the brake disk beating. If everything has been done correctly, the beating will not exceed the admissible value (0.15mm). See fig.4. A larger beating will result in vibrations while braking and an increased brake pedal travel.

утилизация старых колонок
8. Place the brake pads back in the same manner as you removed them, and then install the wheel back.





как нужно тормозить

Caution! Until the brake pads are reseated (it’s about a 500km run) you should not brake too hard. Otherwise, it may cause overheated areas and the brake disk deformation.