Ventilated Brake Disks

вентилируемый тормозной диск Автореал

For new dynamic cars we produce ventilated brake disks. Between their two working surfaces there are air ducts with blades of original design. This innovation allows the disk to cool, and hence, to carry more loads when braking at high speed. These disks have two modifications – standard and Euro.

Ventilated Brake Disk Modifications

вентилируемый диск тормоза  ВАЗ 2110 вентилируемый диск тормоза для ВАЗ 2112 вентилируемый диск для daewoo, chevrolet вентилируемый диск переднего тормоза для ГАЗ 3302
VAZ 21107
VAZ 2112

Chevrole, Daewoo

GAZ 3302

Характеристики вентилируемых дисков

  АМ10-3501070 АМ12-3501070 АМ6940-3501070 АМ3302-3501078
Weight  3,9 kg  4,4 kg 3,6 kg  7,4 kg
Material Grey Iron (СЧ25)  Grey Iron (СЧ25) Grey Iron (СЧ25) Grey Iron (СЧ25)
Lifetime 120000 km 120000 km 120000 km 120000 km

 Advantages of Ventilated Brake Disks

1 Slow brake disk wear!

2 Effective and reliable braking in any weather conditions!

3 Long lifetime!

4 Superaccurate balancing made with Italian equipment!

Advantages of Ventilated Brake Disks in More Detail


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