сайлентблоки Автореал

For VAZ 2101-2107 Weight: 1kg Lifetime: 60000km


PA AVTOREAL offers a front suspension arms joints set for VAZ 2101-2107 and their modifications. Many car owners also call them silent blocks.

The suspension operating condition is defined by several symptoms, either when you check it visually or drive your car. Suspension faults are steering wheel play, knocking, uneven tire wear. Very often, these are joints that may cause unpleasant knocking or dangerous roll of a car. Knocking may also be caused by imbalanced brake disks.

The joint consists of two metal tubes and a rubber bush. For increasing joint reliability and strength the inner and outer metal tubes making its core structure are coated with anticorrosive stuff (phosphated). The high quality of bush materials prevents from early breakage and detachment from its metal structure.

The joints set packing includes 4 upper and 4 lower joints.

The high quality of PA AVTOREAL products is a result of well-coordinated and efficient personnel activities and using modern highly-accurate equipment. This is proved by quality management certificate ISO 9001:2000.